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a prima vista offer various services to sellers and buyers of yachts likewise. It is our intention to lead each selling process to a success by qualified, sound and impartial advice, for all those being involved.

Sales Support for the Seller aims to a successful, fast and unproblematic as well as contractually clear settled sales agreement of the yacht within a minimum of time.

Sales Support for the Buyer does not only apply on own listed yachts but as well on the international market, in order to find a perfect solution. It is important that we minimize the buyer's time, energy and money and guarantee a professional course of business.

We do not only offer services such as Expertise, Insurance, Financing, Transfer and Transportation of yachts in connexion with the sale or purchase of yachts. Our scope of services includes customized solutions, as well.

The Links of a prima vista provide primarily information on official authorities concerned with yachts in private use.



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